Empowering Users Through Bitcoin Education

Understanding the complexities of Bitcoin is paramount for new users entering the digital currency space. To address this, Yopaki introduces "LEARN," an innovative section dedicated to simplifying Bitcoin education in a way that is easy to understand, engaging, and shareable. This initiative is in collaboration with Jippi, a gamified social education app known for making Bitcoin learning accessible and fun.

Collaborative Efforts with Jippi

Yopaki's partnership with Jippi stems from a shared vision fostered during their participation in Bitcoin's Top Builder competition, organized by Wolf and PlebLab. This relationship blossomed into a collaborative effort aimed at demystifying Bitcoin for the masses. Jippi is a gamified social education app for Bitcoin beginners. Jippi brings elements and social features that make learning about Bitcoin an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Levitating person with crossed legs and a laptop with a Bitcoin sticker
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Features of the LEARN Section

The LEARN section on Yopaki’s platform incorporates Jippi’s engaging educational content with specific modules designed to guide users on basic concepts in Bitcoin.

  • Interactice Courses: Users can participate in mini-courses that feature interactive quizzes and games designed to reinforce learning and retention.
  • Social Learning: Jippi’s platform encourages users to learn together. Friends can join forces to tackle courses, compare scores, and share achievements, fostering a community of learners who grow together.
  • Progress Tracking: Users can track their learning progress and earn badges and rewards as they advance through different levels.

Impact of Bitcoin Education

By providing a friendly introduction through the LEARN section, Yopaki empowers its users about using and investing in Bitcoin. The collaboration between Yopaki and Jippi through the LEARN initiative is more than just an educational endeavor; it's about building a knowledgeable and empowered community that is well-equipped to navigate the future of finance.

Ready to learn about Bitcoin?

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